Stefon Bertram

True Leverage Through Mastering a Super Team

Day 2: 11:45 am – 12:05 pm

Competitive and exuding high energy, Stefon Bertram is a revered licensed sales agent with numerous awards recognising his entrepreneurial prowess.

Respected for his professionalism, energy and tenacious negotiating skills, Partner Stefon Bertram frequently ranks among the REB’s top 100 agents Australia-wide and is currently ranked 17th in the country.

A 12+ year veteran of the real estate industry and a passionate long-time local, he lives and breathes the Lower North Shore lifestyle and is entrenched in the community. A Licensed Real Estate Agent who delivers extraordinary results in any market, Stefon loves putting the final touches on someone’s real estate journey, knowing that when the hammer falls, months of effort have come to fruition.

He started his own real estate business at just 21, which he grew and sold to a major franchise five years later. Since then he’s assisted more than 1,000 valued clients through the sales process and won numerous awards recognising his entrepreneurial prowess.

Stefon has gone from attending many worldwide conferences including Inman Conference New York to being an in-demand speaker at multiple events including Australasia Real Estate Conference (AREC) 2021, and featuring on many industry podcasts.

When the opportunity arose to become a key Partner at Belle Property Mosman, lead by one of the most trusted names in local real estate Tim Foote, the decision felt right. Stefon believes that the agency strikes the perfect balance between a family business offering a high level of personalised service and an industry leading network with wide reach, strong backing, high-calibre branding and world-class innovation.

  1. Build a Team Culture of Accountability
  2. Unlimited Leads through Systems & CRMs
  3. Remain at peak-performance with endless capacity


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