Mark Bunn

Wisdom of Health, Happiness and High Performance

Property Management
Day 2: 9:40 am – 10:20 am

As one of Australasia’s leading health and performance researchers, former AFL footballer and best-selling author of ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’.

Mark Bunn understands the difficulties facing workers and organisations today – high stress, poor sleep, negativity, poor work-life balance, low motivation and workplace morale.

Mark’s unique blend of both Eastern and Western health-science uses the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people and highest performing business people, to help overcome these issues with simple, down-to-earth solutions that audiences love.

Real health advice (you’ll never hear about calories or fats with Mark!), Mark’s believes there are issues more important to our health than fad diets and extreme exercise regimes – happiness, good relationships, work enjoyment and a sense of community or team.

  1. Uncover the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people
  2. Practical, down-to-earth, solutions to reduce stress and improve motivation
  3. Why happiness is the key to work life success


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