Lisa Novak

Mastering The Digital Door Knock

Day 2: 12:45 pm – 1:05 pm

Awarded The Most Innovative Woman in Real Estate 2019 by REB & the Top 50 Most influential people in Real Estate by Elite Agent Magazine, Lisa is well known & awarded as one of the top agents in the country for selling property for record prices & record time frames directly off her social media, amidst many other platforms, including the generic property platforms, often for $0 marketing spend to vendors.
Quoted by John McGrath as ‘one of the best examples of selling properties in this environment he has ever seen’, Lisa brings to the table endless years of experience in the real estate sector with both marketing & managerial skills under her belt as well.
Lisa’s vision for the future is to continue to change the face of real estate & expand on the company’s accomplished team of the finest men & women in the industry in order to fulfil people’s dreams & expectations of all aspects of the property sphere right across residential.

  1. Selling properties off the back of social media for record prices in record time frames!
  2. Authentically building social media platforms
  3. Being innovative & not afraid to do what others are


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