Kym Atherton

The Power and The Passion

Property Management
Day 2: 11:25 am – 11:45 am

Kym Atherton’s 22 years in Real Estate has allowed a wealth of experience from starting as a Trainee to Business Owner of Harcourts Coastal, located on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

With 3 offices, 70 agents selling between $80 to $100 Million per month and 1200 properties under management organically grown over the 8 years since Harcourts Coastal opened, this is no wall flower business.

Managing the Property Management team is an area that Kym is hugely passionate about, understanding the complexities of the Property Management business and having a clear vision of the team and client offering is has given the direction towards the growth and success of Harcourts Coastal.


  1. The story behind the results
  2. With the right people you can do anything
  3. Early adopter of change or watch and wait?


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