Kristen Hansen

The Neuroscience of Leading Change

Day 2: 10:10 am – 10:40 am

Kristen Hansen is founder and director of EnHansen Performance providing leadership and sales training, coaching and presenting to Australian corporations.

Kristen’s background is 20 years Sales Management and Director roles with large Australian companies such as News Limited, Fairfax and Pacific Dunlop.

EnHansen Performance focusses on the use of neuroleadership, neuromarketing and emotional intelligence experts, research and related assessments to help leaders and sales people develop their personal, professional and people skills to achieve success and purposeful relationships.

Kristen has been fascinated to learn from experts in their field of neuroleadership, neuromarekting, brain-training, neuro-feedback mindfulness and emotional intelligence and continues to work and develop programmes in conjunction with these experts.

  1. The need to be consistently changing
  2. Innovating to stay in the game
  3. The Neuroscience behind change


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