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John Hall

Growth - A team effort

Property Management
Day 1: 12:25 pm – 12:45 pm

If you’ve watched John develop over the years into the Senior Business Development Manager he is today, you would not have been surprised when he was awarded “Most Outstanding Youth” in the Northern Beaches Local Business Awards.

John invests 110% effort in everything he does, including carving out the next level of Business Development Niche with his Team. John is the epitome of learn and apply. John runs solid prospecting sessions, has built a strong listing presentation style, and understands what it takes to be the best.

John knows his numbers and is focused on ensuring he and the team complete the daily activity that is necessary to bring the results month after month.

  1. Planning, process and perseverance for Growth
  2. BDM easy street – there is no such thing
  3. If it ain’t working change it or change you


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