Jason Back

Business Productivity: Stop Being Busy and Start Producing Outcomes

Mortgage Broker
Day 2: 9:10 am – 9:40 am

Jason is the Founder & Director of Broker Essentials and is a well know figure in the finance industry and sort after media commentator.

After leading the largest independent brokerage in Australia for several years, in 2016 Jason founded Broker Essentials and launched a training course for brokers after years of inquiries into the best practices and habits of a high performance business. Jason has created a practical and targeted program for brokers and administration staff that will help them grow their business by focusing on sales through service excellence. Jason’s Broker Essentials will take you through the behaviours of the nation’s best brokerage focusing on process, business management and the client journey.

Jason has over 27 years’ experience in the finance sector, having worked in senior sales, distribution and management roles for ANZ and having provided financial advice and services on behalf of financial planning, equity trading platforms, private banking, lending and retail distribution brands.

Jason has a Commerce degree in Finance and Marketing, Diploma in Financial Planning, CFP

  1. The key to productivity in an every increasing ‘busy’ world.
  2. How to build solid foundation in your business from day one.
  3. The four steps on how to change for good.


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