Daisy Campbell

A Business Based on People

Property Management
Day 1: 11:45 am – 12:05 pm

Spend 10 minutes with Daisy and her contagious energy will get you up out of your chair and charging towards a challenge.

It’s this energy, passion and can-do approach to life that has enabled her to support her team and drive the rapid expansion of Xceed Real Estates Property Management Division from 300 – 3000 in 3 years.

Whilst managing a growing team, integrating 14 rent rolls, Daisy still gets down into the thick of daily activity ensuring she is hands on with her team and clients alike.

At Xceed Real Estate, the motto is ‘work as if you own it’ and Daisy has truly lived that, with now taking a seat at the Directors table.

  1. 300 – 3000 in 3 years
  2. 14 acquisitions and organic growth
  3. A powerhouse of passion


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