Cathy Baker

The Client For Life Program

Day 2: 12:25 pm – 12:45 pm

Recognized for her meticulous planning and attention to detail, Cathy is as much a leading real estate agent as she is the successful Principal of Belle Property Central Coast.

Her hand-selected team of 14, including top agents, property managers, property investment consultants and holiday rental concierges follow her sharp business expertise, ensuring that Belle Property Central Coast are top of mind for every vendor, purchaser and client doing business on the central coast.

Top of mind for Cathy is her community: assisting people in need, children’s programs, the elderly, the youth, and of course, the businesspeople across the board. Cathy and her team have been instrumental in creating programs such as Killy Cares, art exhibitions, market days and school functions, making sure that the community at large are given a huge thank you for all the support they give Cathy.

  1. Develop a customised approach for every client to exceed expectations
  2. Learn 10 key strategies to unlock your community & build lifetime connections
  3. Create a vision & life plan, to make sure you live your best life


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