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Cassandra Hutchings

Our journey to personal and professional balance

Property Management
Day 2: 12:05 pm – 12:25 pm

Have you ever imagined what it looks like to start at 9:30 and leave at 4? Cassandra did and she didn’t believe it was possible.

After 15 years in Property Management, being smart on processes, embracing technology, winning awards and accolades, and even realising the dizzy heights of Department Management, Cassandra had lost her zeal for the industry that she once loved.

Watching on as her sister Sarah proclaimed to have found the ability to have it all, Cassandra searched for the rationale as to how this was possible. Finally, she took the plunge and decided to join her sister at Alekarbon and hasn’t looked back.

Managing a 360 portfolio and doing it all in a reduced day is where Cassandra has found her mojo and her passion for PM is reignited again and her clients are winning because of it.

  1. A portfolio between drop off and pick up
  2. Inside secrets for high productivity
  3. An unconventional approach to work hours


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