Angelo Nickolas

How to Think. What to Do.

Day 1: 11:25 am – 11:45 am

Accolades don’t come by chance. Over his accomplished career so far Angelo Nickolas claims the Winner of the REISA Local Residential Salesperson Western/Beachside Award 2017, REISA Sales Achievement Award Winner 2016, REI Achievement Award Finalist 2016 and Harris Rising Star Award Winner.

This mild-mannered agent keeps in touch, he promises and he delivers. His drive, energy, and innovative approach equal guidance and results – rest assured.

To Angelo, successful sales should be more than a transaction – and they are – under his perceptive care and attention.

Successful auction campaigns. Record-breaking sales. Strategic negotiations. Sealing those special deals that secure you your first home or lock up your last. Whatever the scenario, Angelo takes the lead.

  1. Shift your thinking
  2. Day to Day tactics
  3. Agent Growth Formula


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